My letter to Don Henley and The Eagles

Dear Don,

Aside from Glenn’s family, I feel the most for you. You and Glenn Frey had to be spiritually connected in some sort of way to be able to produce so much beautiful music and keep the band going for as long as you did. I know it sounds cliche but the L.A. sound of the 70’s really was the soundtrack to my life. I mean to the point I probably took it for granted until January 18th, 2016.

You see my mom was raised in California. It wasn’t until just before I was born in 1975 that she moved to East Coast.  Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Brown, The Eagles as well as many others were always played in my house growing up. My mom didn’t approve of TV and in later years it was only allowed to be turned on after 6pm so records and the radio were constantly on in my house. I always remember bands of that time because I heard them daily, even as a small child.  My mom had this huge baby powder blue station wagon she used to drive us around in and I remember hearing the Eagles all the time, My mom and stepdad would take us out every sunday and give me rolls of quarters to play the pinball machines and Jukebox and always had the Eagles going etc. Your band’s song “one of these nights” hit #1 the day i was born, Your guys last show was 3 days before my 5th birthday and for at least a few years after that, stations were playing you.

The years rolled on, My mom kept up with Glenn’s and your solo albums but by then, I had never known your individual names, I didn’t realize you were from the Eagles, in fact to be honest I was so young that I knew the songs but I didn’t remember the group name LOL. It was late 80’s, early 90’s maybe and I vividly remember my brother coming home from one of his friends houses saying “Hey Mom WZZO (local rock station in my area) played this awesome song called Hotel California, have you heard of it?” —- Mom ran over to the record cabinet and whipped out the vinyl LP….Go figure. From then on my mom became the “cool mom” of the neighborhood. She had it all, Eagles, Jackson Brown, Fleetwood Mac, oh heck she even had Janice, Jimmy and Led Zeppelin. I was about 15 at the time. So we rediscovered the Eagles as teenagers.  I think it was at that point I realized you and Glenn were Eagles as she had your solo albums too. Incidentally my personal favorite of your solo years is New York Minute.

Just shortly before I graduated High School in 1994  you guys were back with your first Hell Freezes Over performance….. Once again the Eagles were in my life. At my parents, In my car etc… It was cool, old songs and new alike. You guys were there at every pivotal moment in my first 20 yrs.  BTW thumbs up on “Get Over it” , that’s definitely a song I play when I’m feeling frustrated with people and it makes me smile. It’s also been my go to catch phrase for twenty years now.

Fast Forward to this past month, We have lost several ground breaking musicians lately but when I heard about Glenn my heart sank and I broke down and cried. I’ve been listening and watching Eagles videos for the past several weeks and It just brings me to tears. I can look back and remember vividly moments of my life from a VERY young age that had the Eagles in the background. You guys reminded me of my mom as well. All that beautiful music that Glenn gave us along with you as well, I really did take it for granted.

You and Glenn have brought beautiful music to 3 generations now in my family. My 14 year old son much like brother way be back when has now “rediscovered” the Eagles. And I couldn’t be happier.

Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for meeting Glenn and making wonderful music with him.

Dear Randy Meisner,

Get Over It is my go to song when people upset me but Take It To the Limit has always been my go to song when I’m stressed out and frustrated with whatever life throws at me. I get to that crushing point and I listen to that song and it always helps me through it.

Dear Joe Walsh,

Ohhhhhhh the ultimate bad boy. You can sing and play Funk 49, shred a hotel room and then turn around and sing pretty maids all in a row. It’s a good thing I was just a baby in the 70’s. I would have been a total Joe groupie LOL.

Dear Timothy,

Your sweet sound. I am so glad the Eagles reunited in 1994 so you could keep living your dream.

And last but not least…………….


Dear Glenn,

Oh Glenn, your passing made me cry so much. I wrote to Don that to say you guys wrote the soundtrack to my life sounds cliche but it really is true. It’s been several weeks since your passing and it still brings me to my knees and leaves a pit in my stomach. I never got to see you play live or ever even meet you but meant so much to. There really aren’t too many words I could write to you that would even compare to how I am feeling. I am honored to know I had walked the earth for 40 years with your presence in the world.

Psychic Validation- Carrie Anne Hartley

You know, we live in an age where anything paranormal gets a bad wrap. While many people don’t believe in psychic phenomena because there is no science to back it up (and that’s ok, people are entitled to their thoughts) I do believe in it. I have lived it, I have experienced it and I am comfortable with it. But even with that said I often question those who claim they have the gift, I mean heck I even question my own at times. Did I really foresee that or did I have subliminal clues that lead to me to draw an accurate conclusion? I also have several psychic friends (we tend to find each other it seems lol) but I usually take what they say with a grain of salt (when it comes to anything about me anyway) because I either know them personally or on Facebook etc…where its possible they could have seen or heard something I may have forgotten I put out there myself.  Also lets remember, psychics are human too, they can make mistakes or it’s even possible they have attached a vision to the wrong person. It happens. While I am convinced there are fraudulent psychics out there as with any profession or claim, Not every psychic is a fraud.

I see so much negativity,drama, accusations,slander,lies etc in this field. In fact so much so I recently just deleted almost every paranormal contact I had on social media because of it. It makes me positively sick that people can’t just do their own thing and be left alone. I have a story of validation to tell though. I want to share a story of positive impact in this field instead of the typical bashing and trashing of people in general.

First a little back story, yes I do come from a broken home. I won’t go into detail as I won’t invade the privacy of my family members but I do have half siblings. None of them share the same father as I do though.

So two years ago  I was listening to an internet radio show with guest psychic Carrie Anne Hartley. It was right after my mother had passed and a friend of mine had called in, her reading on my friend was so dead on that I was intrigued and wanted to see if she could be right more than once. Yes while I believe I am quite skeptical as well. I had some questions about my mom’s passing I was curious about anyway. So I called in myself. Mind you I had never heard of this woman prior to this show, nor did she ever meet me, know me or friend me on any social media at this time.

Ok, I call in….She was pretty darn accurate, Ill give her that. By about 90%. She kept insisting however I had siblings I had no idea about though. I listed in my head my half siblings and I knew I had two siblings from my father that passed away from my father prior to him meeting my mother and to my knowledge, he never had children after me. “Nope” I said.. “Nope, I’m pretty sure I know of all my siblings even being from a scattered family”. She just politely told me she was sure there were more and I should keep looking.

Ok, so she was “wrong” about one thing. She was right about enough to convince me she really has the gift but I just blew off that sibling nonsense as either she was getting a crossed message or just wrong. Again….It happens.

So last fast forward to this past week. With my father passing back in August of this year, I had reason to pull the will my stepmother registered with the county. (That’s another story entirely). Anywho, the will was written when I was 17, 5 years prior to me reconnecting with my father. It listed two deceased children of which I knew about, It listed me but then under me it listed another child, name unknown, born possibly December of 1977 or January of 1978.

I have another sibling??? Wait!!! Wha? I have another Sibling?????

Two days later it hits me….OMG She was right!!! I do have another sibling….somewhere…..

I know a lot of skeptical people will pick this apart with a valid statement of “there is no scientific proof to back the theory of psychic phenomena” But I believe. and lets face it, without scientific proof, you can’t DISPROVE a theory either. Maybe we just haven’t nor will ever find that science that can prove or disprove it.

Carrie Anne had no prior knowledge of me, my family or any of my background prior to me calling into that radio show. Maybe it was a lucky guess? I’m sure some will say that but I knew the woman who called in before me and she hit her story dead on as well. Carrie did several readings that night, I can’t vouch for all of those but two back to back calls that she read right, with no prior knowledge of the subjects…..That’s pretty good to be guessing at.

That is all,


Talent Agency and Event Planning Licensing


Earlier this year I was supposedly handed my rear end by a Ms Connie Williams. Long story short, I had assumed she was running HER business  out of her home state of Texas (as at that point it wasn’t widely known that she had two other partners  in other states. So she blasted me on my blog at which I did correct and she still blasted me because I didn’t “apologize” to stroke her ego. She then supplied a document that “appears” to be a business license but in truth it’s a certificate that holds the business name for a year while licenses are obtained. It’s NOT a business license.

So this document supplied was from the state of Alabama. There are a few problems here so I will address them one at a time.

#1 They reserved a business name in the state of Alabama ….. Connie Williams lives in Texas, Becky Hamm lives in Tennessee and Gary Brown currently lives in Georgia. So, unless they rent a store front in Alabama they won’t even be granted a license in Alabama.

#2 Lets pretend they can get licensed in Alabama….. Alabama doesn’t have just one license that would cover a talent agency/event planning business in the paranormal field. You would have to obtain the following licenses:

40-12-45 advertising

40-12-82 concerts,musical,entertainment etc.

40-12-104 fortune tellers, palmists, clairvoyance etc.

40-12-139 peddlers & itinerant vendors.

40-12-140 photographers and photo galleries.

40-12-163 street fairs and carnivals

40-12-166 Theaters, vaudevilles and variety shows.

40-12-167 ticket scalpers

The full list Alabama Licensing can be found on the states labor website under the revenue department.

Click to access gensub.pdf

Mind you I listed any licensing pertaining to both talent agents and event planning. If the only did one of those that list would be shorter.

So that’s it for licensing but what about permit for each individual event???

Permits can vary from state to state and even the townships and counties. I know some cities can require up to 15 different permits, a corporate sponsorship from an existing business in that township, some will require background checks of all owners, vendors and guests that appear and if your from out of state, if your licensing doesn’t cover what that state requires…you will need to apply within that state.

If you are interested in reading why it’s important to have proper licensing in the “paranormal entertainment” industry then I invite you all to read all of the stories regarding the various event scams in Tombstone Arizona on John Albrechts blog

That is all,



Mack …. Yes Connie Mack also known by his real name, Cornelius McGillicuddy Sr.


He was a baseball hall of famer.

that is all

Why I Deleted a Blog

…… Yes I deleted a blog.

a couple weeks ago I wrote a blog. Unfortunately I had been given the wrong information to draw my research. When it was brought to my attention I responsibly corrected the info and retracted the incorrect info.

Well that wasn’t good enough for her. She cussed at me demanding an apology and acted as if I purposely tried to destroy.

So now???? I took down the blog altogether so can’t even benefit from seeing her name in writing period. I refuse to give any unprofessional person any kind of attention be it good or bad.

That is all….


I will NEVER….

Apologize to someone who doesn’t deserve it, nor I will apologize to a narcissistic person who thinks they deserve one to the point of verbally attacking me. I will never be bullied into an apology.

I write a blog , I am NOT a journalist or reporter. If I make a mistake based on researching the wrong information given to me, I will always correct it when I realize it is wrong. I find it amusing that I get told I am “unprofessional” for not issuing a demanded apology.

well, I’m not a professional as I stated I am a BLOGGER not a journalist. I don’t make a living doing this.

i also will not apologize to someone who attacks me and demands one. That is NOT professional while looking out for their own business concerns.

also, unless you’re feeding me or financing me, I really don’t care what people who don’t know me think of me. Their opinions of me have no bearing on my everyday life.

i also don’t care if I have 2 readers or 200k readers. I blog for myself and no one else.



That is all,


Mob Wife Compassion

I usually write about the paranormal field but there is nothing I want to put in writing at the moment so I figured I would satisfy my writing bug by writing about some pretty inspirational women.

This first blog in my Mob Wives series will be a quick run down of them over all and then future blogs will be about them individually.

The Mob Wives

Yeah yeah yeah I’ve heard it all, Their this , their that blah blah, they deserve the hard times they live etc………..Bullsnot!

They are wives,mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, cousins….In short they are human beings like the rest of us. What people need to realize is that for most of these women, while some of may have known what/who they were marrying into , some of them didn’t and some of them were also born into the life. For a majority of these women it’s all they knew. Ex. Daddy’s in “construction”, You meet “construction” workers and most likely end up marrying one. It’s pretty much the same outside of the life as well. And lets face it…EVERY FREAKING WOMAN in the world gets curious about a bad boy at least once in her life. Some of us just find them LOL

I would like to address some of the harsh criticism these women endure. Lets tackle the “Their just broke now so their doing a show to make money off their husbands wrong doings”……..EXCUSE ME? Some of these women either had their own businesses prior to or started businesses after to support their families. These women are comparable to the single wife with children who’s spouses left them for other women and basically deserted them. They have no choice but to create their own source of income. You try walking into a bank with the last name of Gravano, Graziano or Majewski and saying, “Yeah I’d like to apply for the loan officer position”???? While it’s illegal to deny someone a job, you know damn well their resume will find it’s way to the circular file. These women don’t just have to blaze their own trail like the rest of us, They have to burn bridges and reconstruct their lives before they can even think about taking a machete to make a path. They make their path by using their wits and environment to better themselves. Three of these women have actually given me inspiration over the past year.

Now on to this one “Their just trying to be famous like their husbands/Fathers etc” ……..Ummmm no. No one wants that kind of fame. These women grew up being thrown into the spotlight unwillingly. I feel like I grew up with these people. I know these names from my childhood. Not because I knew them but because I grew up in suburban Philly. Every time one was put on trial  their names were smeared all the papers and every news media channel from NYC to Philly. Two major cities only 90 miles apart from each other. Even the local regional news stations covered the stories. These names were thrown into being household names without anyone’s choice. Most people don’t realize how many people live the life. You’re neighbors, your friends etc… I can guarantee that almost every single person in the USA knows someone in the life whether they even realize it or not.  Cosa Nostra doesn’t exactly send you a muffin basket when you move into the neighborhood nor do they advertise by slapping a billboard on I-95. So Unless you’re a pig farmer in the middle of a Kansas field… You probably know someone.

Even the ones that made mistakes of their own….We all do stupid shit when we’re young. You learn from it and move on. These women are no different than the rest of us. This is THEIR time to shine on their own and show the world what they have to offer. They are funny, lovable, smart, sassy, mean when they have to be and totally independent. Very admirable if you ask me.

Another favorite, “They are glorifying violence”……….Phuck you for even saying that. Hollywood and The news media does that every single day. Way more than these women ever do.

These women are just like us except because of their names probably have it a lot harder in life than we do. These women have dealt with their lives being turned upside down in a moments notice, they now even after all these years live with harassment from the public, They live in fear from their SPOUSES pasts…etc. Most of us worry about shutting the lights off and locking the doors at night and that’s it but Because of some their real experiences we now have more affordable surveillance systems for our houses, remote starters for our cars etc……..This IS their reality. When will my house be raided, when will my world collapse, Who’s going to come after me because my husband or father did something wrong?

Again, They are mothers, wives, daughters, sisters, aunts etc…….. They are strong and independent.

Let’s have some compassion for these ladies!!!

That is all,


Mob Wives is property of VH1 and Just Jenn Productions.

Also be sure to read the series my friend is publishing regarding our favorite guys in the mob.

And Then There Were 3……….

So many of you close to me know of the five people I refer to when I say Paranormal Clown Posse. I am pleased to say that two of them have been leaving me alone (for now anyway) and as far as I know they aren’t bothering others……..

But the other 3? Evan, Darlene and Judi have been up their old tricks again. We all know they have of history of staging fights amongst themselves when no one pays attention to them but usually within a matter of weeks they are up each other’s asses again LOL.

So let me fill you in to the best of my knowledge. It seems The Almighty Evan does not like Judi calling into his show. Well from what I can tell there were some scheduling issues, then Evan hadn’t called in to the show some time before it starts as he normally does. Darlene had to do some switching around, Apparently informed Evan that she would be putting Judi in que…. When Evan finally did call in, he felt “betrayed” by Darlene for having Judi call in. The show totally did not go as Evan planned so it was cut short.

Yes, I did listen to it, I’ll be honest with you…I actually didn’t hear any inflammatory remarks to or from any of them but hey, that just may have been my perception.

So next thing you know the posts and blogs between Darlene and Evan start. I won’t bore you all with mind numbing ridicules screen shots 1. because there’s just too many and 2. I will be posting Darlene’s own blog link and you can read them there.  Evan calls Darlene a drama queen and claims She and Judi have a dark attachment, Darlene calls Evan delusional etc…….. Ok I may post a few just for a sample LOL

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

This one is my personal favorite, She says he’s delusional and calls him a liar LOL

photo 5 (2)


Evan calls Darlene delusional and accuses her of Photo-shopping the truth:

Wait..What? People DO THAT? OMG LMAOphoto 1 (6)photo 2 (6)photo 3 (5)

Evan? That is all I need to say.

Judi? From what I have seen and in my opinion she is a manipulative user. I wouldn’t even doubt she’s using her “Bestie” Darlene.  I have a few other adjectives for her but I TRY to keep this blog PG-13.

Darlene? Ahhhhhhh Darlene….. I have ALWAYS said this, All feelings aside she really IS the only one of them with half a brain cell. While the content of her blogs aren’t accurate and the topics aren’t relevant, She’s still passionate and can write fictional story quite nicely. Very well thought out, eloquent and very well spoken. If she wasn’t hanging out with this crowd she could have a lucrative career. I still would never trust her by any means but I can have respect.

I wasn’t going to promote Darlene’s blog here but I figured Why Not?? It’s the must truthful blog of hers I’ve ever read. Although if I had one chance to speak with her I would tell her this: He’s not making himself look bad to the rest of the world but more……….HER OWN BLOG just confirms what we have all known for years. So pretending this is a “real fight”, It’s a shame she is just figuring all this out now.

Her more recent blogs are probably the ONLY truthful blogs I have ever seen come out of that camp.


Make sure you read all these!!!!!!


That is all!



WARNING — About This Blog

I want you all to know, I take this blog seriously but there are a few instances of people using this blog to try and torment others. I will not tolerate it nor will I be a party to any such torment. I took a break from writing this blog back in September. I was going to start back up when back in November someone copied and pasted one of my articles to a public forum in hopes they could turn one of my friends against me. 1. it did not work, my friends know this blog is to warn those of the evils that lurk among the paranormal field and 2.  A screenshot of that instance has since been submitted into evidence for a court case against an acquaintance that person was helping to bully others. —– This blog is now under surveillance. Just tonight it was brought to my attention that someone else (unrelated to the prior instance) had posted a link to try and torment one of the people mentioned in a different article (which is actually hilarious since it backs the person they were trying to bully). I will NOT have my blog used to torment, harass or bully anyone. Also since this blog IS being watched and portions of it are in evidence of a court of law, I would be real careful how you choose MY intellectual property. You may get yourself into unwanted trouble that I cannot even stop if you choose to do so. I love that my blog is read and to a degree respected…..but PLEASE!!!! Save yourself legal trouble you DON’T want and just don’t use this blog to smear people. Especially since it’s involved in a legal case elsewhere. That is all… JRo

The Madness Continues……….Maybe….LOL

Last year I had a run-in with a man named Evan Jensen. He was picking on friends of mine and decided to throw me into a couple of his hate movies. For the past two years this man’s name has been popping up like a hemorrhoid on the butt of the paranormal community. I have consistently gotten private messages
and text messages about his awful evil doings. The fake profiles, the harassment, the lies etc……… I mainly just stuffed it under my hat for safe keeping.

Soooooo this year he pops up again, Once again picking me as a target. I first noticed it when he tried tagging some of my photos, which was odd because I had blocked him last year………Wait for it……………….Ohhhhhh this yet another profile of his. So I had a brief convo to tell him to buzz off but as we all know he’s an ass and tried to “sway me” to his side. PHUCK THAT! He threatened to tell the entire paranormal community that I am crazy……..ROFLMFAO ….hang on I’m peeing my pants I’m still LMAO!! So you know me and my wise ass humor, I tell him to go ahead. He’s so full of crap no one believes him anyway. Amongst all this I find out he has a handful of puppets that work with him. One in particular that has been not only an online threat but a physical threat to one of their victims as well. I won’t name this one but I will tell you he writes and has had a history of being on the run…….hint hint wink wink LOL One of the other puppets is a delusional pig farmer from Wyoming……..Now THIS woman is nuts as well. And two other nameless puppettes if you will.

I had made a petition to give the victims a platform to stand together. So the pig farmer decides she doesn’t like that I am exposing her bad behavior as she then created a petition to have me hauled away and preceded to find some other woman’s record who has a similar name and lives …ehhhh somewhat near me….and tries to tell people it’s mine. She also tries to use my parody videos as a resource to convince people I am crazy. She then also decides to tell people people myself and another victim have restraining orders and cease and desist orders against us as we are stalking her.

There are a couple of things wrong with this whole scenario, 1. I stalk no one, you piss me off you get blocked. 2. the pig farmer kept coming onto the petition I had created of her own accord (I would have blocked her if possible) after several times of myself and other victims telling her to buzz off. 3. NOT ONE SINGLE RESTRAINING ORDER NOR CEASE AND DESIST ORDERS have been legally processed and served to ANY of their victims because we in fact are the victims. and 4. My record is squeaky clean. You will NEVER find one on me because it simply does not exist. and you certainly won’t find MY record at all when you’re using the wrong name. BTW The pig farmer HAS stayed off my petition for two days, so lets hope she stays away.

However, there are several sock puppet facebook profiles that seem to have been sitting in peoples friends lists that are now becoming active and spreading vicious hate……..Coincidence??? I really couldn’t tell you but they resemble that of the Head Clown if you ask my opinion. Oh yeah and the head clown wrote a blog on how to identify a liar and a fake facebook profile. HAH!!!!! Yeah HE of all people would know! He’s had several fake profiles for years and his minions have taken the bullying so far as to call peoples bosses, employers and sources of income to try and sabotage people.

Now, the reason for this blog is to relay that while several of these clown’s actions have mentally caused harm and drama blah blah blah……… If it were just stupid petty internet stalking i would shrug it off………But again a home was vandalized (not accusing just saying….) and one woman was teased, taunted and tormented so much she started cutting herself.

THIS MY FRIENDS ……Is how serious internet bullying can get!

My best advice is when you get new friend requests, check them out, see if any of your personal friends will vouch for them. I find quite often they may have a handful of friends in common with me, usually a cleverly select few that they believe I wouldn’t second guess, But guess again……..I will question! Also be sure they ARE your friends profiles, they will often create similar profiles as your friends, using THEIR names and pictures. Also question is a friend that is ALREADY friends with you tries requesting again, I mean normally one would not have to re-accept a second friend request.

And just to let you know, twice now these people have snagged pics of their victims children off their profiles and have done GAWD knows what with aside from also using the pics to slander their victims, so be leary of your album settings.

and anything else you can do to keep yourself safe on the interwebs is a plus!

That is all,



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